Our clients say ...

“Thanks so much for getting this done quickly. Just to let you know, I’ve passed your details onto a couple of colleagues who will need transcriptions done next year.” NI, University Lecturer, Sydney 

“Thank you for all the wonderful work you did for me in the last financial year.” – MM, PhD Candidate, Sydney

“Fabulous service, thanks.” MB, State Government Dept, Sydney

“Thank you... Always so easy!” CP, Branding Agency, Sydney

“Thank you again ... for your professional and efficient service!” MB, Federal Government Dept, Sydney

“Thank you again for your excellent service.” RI, State Government Dept, Sydney

“Thank you so much for your quick turnaround of the transcripts.  It is very much appreciated. Will certainly use your services again in the future and recommend to others.” JT, Consultant, Regional NSW

“Amazing service. Thank you.” JS, Federal Government Dept, Sydney

“Wow, what a great turnaround time.  Thanks so much for all your assistance.” KH, State Government Dept, Regional NSW

“Thanks...  just reviewing now and you and your team have seriously done the most fantastic job!  Thank you for deciphering our files. We’ll definitely get in touch (and with a bit more time to spare!) for the next project.” ER, Creative Agency, Sydney

“This is the final interview for this stage of the... project. Thanks for your excellent and very fast service throughout.” NM, University Lecturer, Sydney

“Thanks... you have provided a great service!” JT, PhD Candidate, Wollongong

“Thanks for the prompt response – what great service!” DB, State Government Dept, Sydney

 “Thank you... for such a prompt turnaround, so appreciate your efficiency.” OR, Psychologist, Sydney

“Can I say how impressed I am with your service and turnover.” DM, Healthcare Communications, Sydney

“And the quality of the transcript is excellent as always.” FM, University Lecturer, Sydney

“Thanks for all your assistance with this transcript.  Your service is fantastic.” KD, Regional Council, NSW

“Thanks again for your speedy high quality work.” KZ, Journalist, ACT  

“It was lovely to work with you. Appreciate your attention to detail, prompt responsiveness and flexibility to work around our schedule.” MM, Telecommunications Company, Sydney

“Appreciate your friendly service and for the quick turnaround. Glad we were able to use you again!” KL, Publishing, Sydney

“Wonderful, you’ve done an excellent job! Thank you very much.” DG, Sound Engineer, Sydney 

“Thank you again for your excellent, prompt and accurate service; it has been so remarkably easy to work with you and your company. I will be delighted to recommend you to others.” JS, University Researcher, Sydney

“Thank you again for your assistance – your work is always so professional and your service is very reliable and prompt. I'm glad I have been able to work with you.” CC, PhD Candidate, Sydney

“Thank you.  Brilliant service.” DM, Company MD, Sydney

Amazing! Thank you so much... Super impressed with how fast you turned this around.” DE, Associate Editor, Magazine Publisher, Sydney

“Very happy customer ... thanks very much.” PP, Therapist, NSW

"Thank you so much for your timeliness and great service, you were clear with the timing for the completion and easy to deal with. We hope to use you again in the future!" KL, Media Company, Sydney

"Thank you once again for your prompt, accurate and efficient service." MC, Therapist, Sydney

"You provide a terrific service." PJ, State Government Department, Sydney

"Thank you... As always, quick and accurate work." JG, Federal Government Department, Canberra

"Thanks as always for your super efficient service!" NP, Journalist, Melbourne

"As usual amazing work by your team. Thank you so much. We really do appreciate this." SS, University, NSW

"The quality of work is excellent in every respect - and more so given the difficulty of the interview setting." PC, Social Worker/Counsellor

"Thanks so much. Totally impressed with the service." KD, Council, Regional NSW

"Thank you so much. As always you are amazing." SG, Accessiblity Adviser, Educational Institution, Sydney

"Thanks for the quick turnaround. Your service is outstanding!" MN, Branding Agency, Sydney

"This was a great service and I appreciate the fast turnaround. I will certainly use you again as I do these types of investigations on a regular basis." GW, Investigator, Sydney

"Thanks for making this such an easy process!" SN, Senior Policy Analyst, State Government Department, Sydney

"I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for the great job that is done by your team, it saves me a lot of heartache and stress... Once again great job." HA, State Government Department, Sydney

"Your assistance and the quality of work has been exceptional and instrumental in making our role easier." KW, State Government Department, Sydney

"Thanks very much for a great job in a very short turnaround time. Appreciate your help. I hope we get to do business again in the near future!" SC, Telecommunications Company, Sydney

"The quality of your transcription is outstanding and makes this next step, which is actually very hard, much easier! Thank you." PC, Consultant, Sydney

"Thanks for your great service, everyone is impressed." PS, State Government Department, Sydney

"Thank you for these transcripts - they are all excellent, like previous ones!" ME, PhD Candidate, Sydney

"Excellent. Thank you very much. We really appreciate your speedy response to our request. Excellent service. Thank you!" CS, Investigation Agency, Sydney

"Above and beyond as always! Many thanks." CP, Charity, Sydney

"Thank you so much for all your hard work this week. It's very much appreciated and so lovely to work with someone so professional." CT, Writer, Sydney

"Wow, just plain wow! Thank you for expediting this. Very impressed indeed." RN, Account Manager, Sydney

"Thanks... I can always rely on your professional service." ML, Federal Government Department, Sydney

"Amazing... I can't thank you enough but I'll try. THANK YOU!" HS, Video Production Company, Sydney

"Thank you again for a highly professional and rapidly delivered job!!!" JH, Media Director, Corporate Communications, Sydney

"We are very pleased with your services and will be in touch in the future!" LH, Business Manager, Health Communication Agency, Sydney

"Wow! Thank you... that was fast. Appreciate you always being so efficient." FT, Social Research Firm, Sydney

"As usual, I am amazed!" VN, State Government Department, Sydney

"These [transcripts] are great. The layout is easy to read... and you were very fast... I am happy to continue to send interviews for transcription." DB, Oral History Librarian, Sydney

"We were very happy with both the turnaround time and the quality. Look forward to using your service again in the future." DP, Municipal Council, NSW

"This is why I love working with you, so fast, so little fuss." JB, Independent Marketing Professional, Sydney

"There will be more [interviews] coming in for your superb service!" JA, Educational Institution, Singapore

"Thanks again for all your help, you guys are super efficient!" TJ, Production Assistant, Film Production Company, Sydney

"Great service... Thanks again for your very professional and timely response." JC, Manager, Marketing Company, Sydney

"Thanks so much for the transcript, it looks excellent." DM, International Funds Manager

"Thanks for all your work. I have now read through all the transcripts and the quality of your work is fantastic. I farmed out another set of tapes to another group and your work was of much higher quality... and had a quicker turnaround. This has actually reduced my workload substantially. I have recommended you to a colleague at the university and will come back if I have more interviews. Thanks again." JP, University Lecturer, Sydney

"Thanks, this has been fantastic." SS, Manager, Educational Institution, Sydney

"I am very impressed with the quality and turnaround of your service and have passed your details around the department." SB, International Accounting Firm, Sydney

"Thanks for this. [The transcripts] are great - much better than what we ever could do and quick to boot!" - CS, Consultant, Sydney

What our clients are saying

"And thanks for your amazing efforts again - you and the whole team." AH, Research Coordinator, Sydney

"Thanks so much. It is fantastic... as always." NF, Assistant Curator, Sydney

"The transcripts are great, very clear - thank-you." DJ, University Marketing Dept, Sydney

"The transcripts are great... some of the best I've ever had." CH, Market Researcher, Sydney

"Thank you for the transcripts. We are very impressed with the service." RC, Superannuation Fund, Sydney

"Thanks very much for the transcript. That's exactly what we needed." GB, Human Resources, Sydney

"J... also confirmed that a brilliant job was done on the previous interviews and the formatting, etc. was perfect. Thank you very much for all your help." KP, Legal Firm, Sydney

"Very quick and competitive pricing. Communication was fantastic! Will be coming back in future." KZ, Editor of Trade Magazine, Canberra

"I think you and your helpers have done an amazing job." RD, Project Coordinator, Market Research, Sydney

"Thank you so much for all your help with this project. I know there's been a lot of lengthy groups and tight timing, you have handled it brilliantly." EM, Pharmaceutical Researcher, Sydney

"Thank you again for another job well done and at great speed." DM, Market Researcher, Sydney

"You have done a fine job with the transcription." SJW, Consultant, Sydney

"Thanks – what service!!" RD, Project Coordinator, Market Research, Sydney

"Many thanks for your good work... I appreciate your professionalism and timeliness, and your turnaround time makes your rate very reasonable." DD, University Researcher, Brisbane




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